Words about-Unemployment

How can I call myself a writer or journalist when I don’t have anything to write about?

I am currently jobless and bored. I am working with an agency who sends me job openings to apply to, but I feel so lost having to wait for an opportunity.

How do those Instagram influencers gain such a large following and become a blogger without a degree? I honestly don’t feel jealous, I am just seriously confused. How do I make something of myself?

I have always loved writing and thought that writing came easily to me. I guess what I actually meant was that I love writing on prompts that are given to me. I love features and doing research for news stories. But, without guidance, I am starting to realize that maybe writing doesn’t come as easily as I thought.

I have been told that writers don’t make a lot of money, but I never considered how hard freelancing can be. How do I put myself out there to get more experience? Actually, the real question that is always bothering me is – why can’t I think of any ideas to write about?

My family tells me that I should come up with creative stories like when I was younger. My fear of no longer being creative is keeping me back from ‘just doing it.’

Unfortunately, I am not like the Instagram bloggers. My fashion knowledge is non-existent and because I freelance, I don’t have enough money to travel and write about my experiences.

I do have plenty of opinions about many different topics. I’ve also been told to write my opinions or reviews. That seems like a better option for me.

My goal for 2019 is to put my opinions on the internet (like everyone else, but also NOT like everyone else) and maybe gain some attention, confidence and attract employers.

So, hire me. My skills include having opinions on many things.




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